Campaigns Past And Present

This page will eventually present a comprehensive and chronological list of all the publicity and marketing campaigns conducted by Martin Lewis and Springtime since 1971.

Until that presentation is complete - this page details just the company's most recent projects.

For now - an idea of the company's past campaigns may be gained by scanning the list of past clients (In My Life) and the list of Beatles-related campaigns (Beatles For Sale)


Paul McCartney: The Music And Animation Collection - DVD (Miramax Home Entertainment)

Paul McCartney's latest project - a DVD featuring his award-winning animated short films. Martin Lewis and Springtime! were chosen to supervise all publicity and marketing for the project worldwide. The US release (April 13) has received major media coverage. The campaign is ongoing. Springtime! is also currently coordinating the campaign for the UK release (September 27)

The Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles - DVD (Sofa Home Entertainment)

The DVD presenting all four Sullivan shows on which the Beatles appeared in 1964-5. Springtime! conceived and executed the entire publicity and marketing campaign for the release - which culminated in early February - the 40th anniversary of the first show. Media coverage of the DVD was so extensive that it even out-sold the other major Beatles DVD release "The First US Visit"

The Fab 40! - The 40th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America

Springtime! spearheaded, marketed and publicized the majority of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Beatles first trip to America. The campaign was universally hailed. The anniversary received saturation coverage in American media - achieving much more coverage than the 20th and 30th anniversaries of this iconic event. It was the most media coverage the Beatles had received since the launch of the Anthology in 1995 - a project for which Lewis was the principal US publicity and marketing strategist engaged by Capitol Records.'

THE BEATLES ARE COMING! The Birth Of Beatlemania In America

The major new book by respected Beatles historian and author Bruce Spizer. The book presents a comprehensive and lavishly-illustrated history of the Beatles' American breakthrough.

Springtime! devised and coordinated the entire campaign for the book which resulted in extensive TV and radio appearances by Spizer - and major print coverage.

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