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Springtime! is the full-service production/marketing/publicity company founded and owned by Martin Lewis. It is headquartered in Los Angeles. It undertakes projects primarily in the USA - but is experienced in coordinating projects worldwide.

This website features details of some of the many distinctive publicity and marketing campaigns undertaken to promote entertainment projects by Martin Lewis and his company Springtime! - from 1971 through to the present day. Including over 30 iconic campaigns for the Beatles and Beatles-related projects.

Martin Lewis is a protégé of the legendary Beatles publicist - the late Derek Taylor - for whom he worked in 1971-3. They worked together again in 1994-6 when Lewis was recruited to be US Publicity & Marketing Strategist for the Beatles' "Anthology" and "Live At The BBC" projects - with Taylor coordinating in the UK.

The British-born Lewis worked in the UK throughout the 1970's and early 1980's - at which point he moved to the USA. His first US marketing campaign was in 1982 - when as producer of the low-budget indie film "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball" - he teamed up with fledgling movie distributors Miramax Films.

Drawing on his extensive background in publicity and marketing, Lewis devised and executed an outrageous satirical campaign in which the film was ostensibly attacked by a fictitious fundamentalist organization "The ORAL Majority!" - which called for the movie to be banned. Ironically the tongue-in-cheek TV spots created by Lewis were themselves banned by TV networks fearing retribution from the Moral Majority. Lewis used this development to generate massive media coverage for the film - that helped turn the movie into Miramax's first hit.

The founders and chairmen of Miramax Films - widely acknowledged as being among America's savviest marketers - perennially credit Martin Lewis with having inspired their skills in this sphere.

"Back in 1982 when we were starting Miramax Films, Martin Lewis was the producer of what became our first hit movie - "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball" starring the Monty Pythons. Martin had a background in publicity and marketing and came up with a great campaign for the movie, creating a huge buzz and getting us free publicity, which was crucial to the film's success. We learned a lot about publicity and marketing from our experience with Martin Lewis."

- The founders and chairmen of Miramax Films 
Hollywood Reporter - June 10th 2000 

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